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Connecting With Colors Program to SYNERGIZE Every relationship in Your LIFE - 7-Session Self-Paced Online and Downloadable Study Course.
This is a complete package for the In-House trainer who needs a captivating program to build Team Synergy in their organization.
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Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN Program Package

Generate the Attitudinal Language of SYNERGY
with Connecting with Colors® Personality Styles

In today's world, Managers, Directors, Administrative Professionals, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs are now stepping up to do a great amount of staff training that was previously provided by Professional Development Trainers.

NOW ....You, your staff and invested associates can present Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN Program at your convenience; as your schedule allows.

You can utilize this DO-IT-YOURSELF Training at your place of business,
office or site-wide campus at you convenience, on your own schedule.

The creator of this program, Mary Robinson Reynolds' Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN Program has included 37 engaging PowerPoint presentation slides that will help you deliver a clear concise learning experience and a powerful presentation to your associates and staff

The PowerPoint presentations have been created for:

arrow Trainers who work with groups of 10 - 100 or more.

arrow Staff developers who really want to make a difference in the lives of others.

arrow Energize Morale and transform the culture of your work environment positively.

arrow Anyone who currently spends a lot time in front of groups, or will in the future.

Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN program presentation includes 194 slides with an easy-to-follow Script to be delivered as Six 50-minute segments. They are adaptable for personal customization: adding your own titles, key themes, strategies, persons of interest, organization themes, photos and activities.

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PowerPoint Presentation
+ Easy-to-Follow Script
UPrint PDF Guide

20 PSPs
Personality Style
Online Profiles &
INDIVIDUAL REPORTS are included in UTrain Program

What Color Are You Movie is included in the UTrain Program

Understanding Your Color Movie

"You have given us the competitive edge we were looking for!"

"I am writing to express my appreciation for such a wonderful seminar that you put on for our employees. This comes belated, because I believe to truly assess the impact of any seminar is to see how long the employees retain and use the material. I can now say, honestly, that you did a fabulous job, as our employees are still using and enjoying the material you presented.

"In the automotive business, where understanding the customer becomes paramount in all of our departments, your seminar hit the mark. We knew we had to find a way to effectively communicate to our customers to remain profitable in such a competitive atmosphere as the retail automotive business is, and your Connecting with Colors Training did just that. In fact Mary, you have given us the competitive edge we were looking for. Thank you."

Daniel J. Morris
Dealer Operations Manager
Dave Hamilton Auto


"WOW! Your delivery of hard-hitting, focused, enlightening session
was exactly the message that we wanted presented..."

"... In addition to the enthusiastic response to your Connecting with Colors presentation that you gave to the Business Women's Organization, your 'MasterMinding For Success' session at Elkay's Operations Council demonstrated your ability to reach and excite a group of corporate leaders who came to the presentation with a variety of experiences, challenges and agendas. Your creative, positive approach to innovative thinking and goal-setting was a hit! Several key people made the comment that you 'commanded the room.' They were right."

"Thanks for helping us plant the seeds for future success."

Deanne B. Brezette
Purchasing Manager
Elkay Manufacturing

Wristbands Say:

Connection Turns Me Into We = Synergy Wristbands in Four Colors

Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN Program Package

This UTRAIN Program is everything Mary uses to Speak,
Train & Coach in Fortune 500 Companies commanding $15K per day
... NOW YOU Can Deliver this Program to Your Organization!

6- 50 minute sessions for in-services or Half Day or Full Day Trainings in BUSINESS or TEACHERS &/or STUDENTS PowerPoint Slides Versions

Connecting with Colors® Electronic Delivery - You Print PDFs and Printed Options

Presentation Script with PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Electronic Delivery / Download - PowerPoint, MP3, You Print
or invest in PRINTED OPTION
*see below*

arrow A Simple READ & GO delivery system -
for the novice as well as the more experienced public speaking person.

arrow A 112-page UTRAIN Leader's Guide Notebook-size (PDF UPrint OPTION or PRINTED OPTION *see below*) Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline to accompany the PowerPoint Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution.

arrow A 149-page Presenter's Notes PDF/Printed
in BUSINESS version, plus TEACHERS and STUDENTS versions

arrow 194 PowerPoint Slides + Step-by-Step, easy-to-remember & follow Script in BUSINESS &/or TEACHERS & STUDENTS Versions for up to a FULL Day of training

arrow A Master Set of Participant Handouts, or use ...

arrow 64-page Participant's Workbook PDF Notebook-size to accompany the PowerPoint Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution UPrint as needed: in BUSINESS version and for TEACHERS & STUDENTS versions

arrow A Reinforcing Learning Mini-Poster

arrow A Training Session Feedback Form

arrow A Program Announcement Mini-Poster

arrow Certificate of Completion Form

arrow 2 hour MP3 of Mary's Live Performance Audio Training
- electronic delivery for uploading to your MP3 player or CD

arrow 20 Personality Style Profile Tests (see Note* below)

arrow What Color Are You Movie is inserted into PowerPoint Slideshow

arrow In-service meetings designed to run approximately 50 minutes each; total 6 sessions equaling 1 full day of training

arrow SYNERGIZING Technique & Role Playing with Invigorating Team Activities


Complete PowerPoint Presentations for:



Grades 5-12
Grades K-4
ALL of this is immediately available for you at your
Connecting With Colors UTrain DASHBOARD

In addition to the UTRAIN PowerPoint and Leader's Guide (PDF):

When ordering, we encourage you to get 1 Wristband per Participant
plus enough Extras to make sure there is enough of every color.

3-4 Weeks before your training : Once you've invested in your Connecting with Colors® UTrain Program you will have your group take the electronic COLOR Profiles Online through your private access code that you will be issued with the UTrain program. Everyone you expect to be in attendance will complete the Connecting with Colors® Personality Style Profile: CWC-PSP Online. 

After completing the assessment, each person will receive a email notification of their CWC-PSP Scores. They will get to know their Color Scores, but not their significance until the training. The person in charge of this training, will automatically receive access to the CWC-PSP REPORT on everyone's Color Style Scores as the tests are being taken. With every one knowing their Color's Scores pre-training, you will be able to "hit the ground running" to make full use of your time together.

Why 3-4 weeks ahead of your starting date?

Because it's the best way to assure we will have plenty of wristbands in stock to meet your training needs.

People especially enjoy the Colors Wristband Acknowledgment segment of the Color's test results portion of the training. Wearing the Color Wristbands generates a lot of mutual laughter, enjoyment, comparisons, conversation, instant insight and understanding, i.e. SYNERGY, that was not in place before in this way.

You will be pleased to know that the Color's Profiles results and program carries forward in the office as well as at home (happy home life makes for a highly productive work life).

The newly acquired Color's Language of Synergy will become a "go to" point of intervention, defusing emotional intensity, emotional build up and emotional melt downs quickly by bridging understanding throughout all of your day-to-day interactions.

UTRAIN® Program PowerPoint and PDF Leaders Guide

Make One Payment of

Make Four Monthly Payments of

View the Participant Agreement (ULA) for this Training: Click Here

Order Wristbands in Colors & Quantities Needed with the Program

(You can come back and get the wristbands after testing your group members)

Quantity by Color:   Cost
[Bags of 5]
[Bags of 25]
 or less  
[Bags of 100] Special Order Only (Call to Order)
Choose the Wristband Colors and Quantities required, then click:  

Order any Additional PSPs You Need here

(You can come back and get these at any time)

        The Program Above Includes 20 PSP's

20 tests for $99



Unit Price





2 to 4



5 to 9



10 to 14



15 to 19



20 +



Larger Qty: See Chart  
Home  or less
Parents/Teachers  or less
Teens  or less
Love  or less
Work  or less
Sales  or less
Managers  or less
Any Area/Type  or less

Why 7 Different Profiles? As you will learn from this program, there are those who actually change their predominant COLORs depending on the situation or state of mind that they are in. People can be one way at work, because of the demands of the job, position or title, then when they head for home, they put on a different "hat" so to speak. Not everyone does this, but it is a good way to determine the preferences that you are automatically shifting in to. Love relationships, Home environment with its variety of relationships, Teeens & 'Tweens both from the parents' and the teen's point of view, Work in general, Sales and Management are the 6 main categories where shifts ofen occur as to "Who" we are and "How" we are showing up!

If you are purchasing the Access Code to distribute it to a group for which you want to control which test is taken, then you should buy the Access Code for that test. If, however, you wish to have the flexibility to take any test, then you should get the one that can be used in any of the 7 PSP types.

When you order this program, you also get this FREE Team SYNERGY Builder Dashboard, which will help you:

  • Keep track of every Access Code and
  • See and Sort every test taken
    • by type of test taken
    • by Color scores
    • by name of person who took it
    • by GROUP, which you can create in an infinite variety of ways to organize and select your reports.

You can generate the PDF Report for every test taken with your Access Codes with one click.

You can also CONTROL who gets the email after each test is taken: You, the person taking the test, or both of you.

Click to View Dashboard Demo Video
Report Dashboard

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We advise you to place your order at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your
scheduled event to assure we will have products to fulfill your order.
Wristbands may sell out before the replacement products arrive.
Please call if you have an upcoming training occurring soon. 800-249-6587
Our policy on all of our electronic products is this: we give a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 3 days after your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my electronic products or my future events within one year. Please note that, because this digital product includes instant access to all videos, audio recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we're happy to offer you a full credit toward any electronic product or future event within one year. Go to Cart