Get Connecting With Colors Special Value PACKAGE SAVINGS - Including Wristbands, Personality Style Profiles, Reports and Companion Book.
Connecting With Colors Program to SYNERGIZE Every relationship in Your LIFE - 7-Session Self-Paced Online and Downloadable Study Course.
The 5-Session Virtual Bootcamp for Facilitators wanting to fully understand the Connecting With Colors Personality Styles and how to use them to create a 6-Figure Income.
This is a complete package for the In-House trainer who needs a captivating program to build Team Synergy in their organization.
This is the simple video presentation for private study or for display to a small work group - no speaking required! homepage - for all things "Connecting With Colors"
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***In place of wristbands we recommend investing in ChromaLabel 3 inch Color-Code Dots in each of the primary colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow for participants to wear ***