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NEW! Video Series on 3 Steps to SYNERGIZING
Every Relationship in your Life with
the 4 Color Personality Styles

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Mary Robinson Reynolds

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In my COMPLIMENTARY 3-Video Training Series you will learn:

  • Each of 4 Color Style Strengths as it relates to the ART of getting more of what you want and less of what you don't want in emotionally healthy and positive ways!
  • How your Secondary Color may be making you feel (and act) two-sided and how you can use the Gifts of your Secondary Color to empower and ALIGN yourself so you can step fully into your Greatness in beautiful grace and ease.
  • How many people change Color Style Hats depending on what Life is demanding of them and how changing Color Style Hats can create HAVOC and be what's hurting your credibility and ability to get RESPECT ...and most importantly, what you can do to turn your different Color Style Hats into your GREATEST Asset!
  • AND I'm going to give you my #1 Go-To Technique for SYNERGIZING your Color Style with any one's Color Style in 30 seconds or less!
  • and much, MUCH more!

Color's Attitudinal Language of Synergy will become a "go to" point of intervention, defusing emotional intensity, emotional build up and emotional melt downs quickly by bridging understanding throughout all of your day-to-day interactions.

Historically Personality Styles presentations offer a certain "old-school" reality about our different styles. There is a tendency in our society to use inflammatory labeling. Some presentations are really funny and then suddenly, they are not so funny! You find yourself going home and having an argument with your significant loved ones! Why? Because of how the information is presented. It's all in the language and the attitude with which the information is presented that will generate synergy ...or not!

Both women and men are incredibly empowered by their Color Style strengths, and are able to immediately use the quick and easy techniques that I teach that can quickly improve any intense situation ...and in most cases in30 seconds or less!

Most importantly, this one a simple technique to solving problematic differences, generates SYNERGY.

The fact is, no matter what's going on in our world or our economy, we still must continue to strive to get along in effective and emotionally healthy ways.

Developing an understanding of personality preferences dates back as far as WWII. The Myers-Briggs Indicator was published for public use in 1962, Virginia Satir's Stress Responders was developed in the mid-70s, and the DISC and other Colors programs have followed.

You have undoubtedly taken some form of a personality style assessment before and what I will bring in this video is re-engineered language, attitudinal energy, new paradigm understanding and how to SYNERGIZE intense situations in 30 seconds or less.

I have simplified the entire personality style identification process so it's easy to understand and use right away to make things work out in an easy, relaxed manner!

I hope you can join me - just fill in your info above and you'll get immediate access to the video.

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