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Take Your Speaking to 6-Figures
with Connecting With Colors®
Personality Styles
and Team SYNERGY
Facilitator Certification
VIRTUAL Bootcamp

Make A Life, Make A Living
...Make A Difference
the Transformational Leadership
of COLOR Styles

Stepping Up Big Time for
Your Purpose & Passion in Speaking


FINALLY - a CERTIFICATION for the In-House, Internal Facilitator or Professional Development Trainer as well as the Entrepreneur in need of a Speaking "business-in-a-box" designed SPECIFICALLY for heart-connecting experts who are committed to providing amazing content AND ready to enjoy BIG speaking, training contracts and YES, even sales results
...all without being manipulative or forceful!

Imagine - In Just a Few Weeks from now, You'll Be Ready to Open Doors
With Your Connecting with Colors® Talk & Training IN HAND
Perfectly Designed for You to give to all those people who need, want and are
ready for EXACTLY what You have to offer BEGINNING TODAY
with our Self Paced Virtual Bootcamp!
***And you don't even have to travel!***

Teambuilding, Communication, Professional Development, Leadership, Real Estate,
Business, Sales, Network Marketing, Parenting, Teaching, Coaching, Sports,
Church, Non-Profit, Counseling, Holistic & Health Practitioner ...and others.

If you are a person climbing their way up the corporate ladder, and want to be taken seriously and enjoy steady career impact and advancement then you MUST be able to ENGAGE a group of people and the very best way is with my Connecting with Colors® Facilitation Certification.

Attention Entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers, coaches:
Been trying to get the doors to open for you to SPEAK and DO YOUR THING? No more trying to figure out how to get the doors to open for a calendar full of speaking and training engagements. No more angst-ridden late nights struggling to figure out how to get past the "gate-keepers" to the "decision makers" so you can get to people who need, want and are ready to hear you speak about Your Thing. STAY RIGHT HERE ON THIS PAGE!

If you are an entrepreneur trying to make a life, a living AND a difference,
but nobody is answering your calls, my Connecting with Colors
® Signature Talk
can get you
FULL FEE offers for your speaking gigs in 90 Days or less.

No more wondering when you're going to finally get out there with your gifts and talents to
Make a Life, a Living and ... A Difference!

This is the first step! You'll have everything you need to take advantage of the most
powerful speaking, marketing and sales tool around - Presenting Connecting with Colors



Monday, 12:46 PM PDT
From the Desk of Mary Robinson Reynolds

Dear Difference Maker...

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You've got this big, relentless PULL inside you to SPEAK, and it just won't leave you alone, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You've been taught that in order to get speaking gigs you've got to cold-call 10 people a day, 50 people a week and then send a $20 professional quality speaking package ...give it a week and then follow up with a call back.
  • You struggle with how to get past the gate-keepers to the decision makers.
  • You don't know how to put butts in seats for your own workshop.
  • You know speaking is a great way to market your business, so why is it such a struggle to actually OPEN DOORS with a spin on your topic that will grab people right away. You're frustrated, scared and thinking maybe it's not worth it - its just too hard to figure out.
  • You've taken speaking courses before, and when you try and follow what they teach, you feel like a robot, bored and inauthentic.
  • You speak from the heart, but you make zero sales because you are most likely speaking in a Color Style language that's different from the person you are speaking to.
  • You long to be able to make money while also making a difference and connecting with your audience in a way that they are truly engaged with you and want to take You (i.e., your products) home with them.

My Thing + Your Thing = A Beautiful Thing!

I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through preparing
your Connecting with Colors
® Signature Talk, Keynote and Half Day Training
that effortlessly sells YOUR THING if you want it to:

OPEN DOORs with my FUN EDU-TAINMENT of the Color Personality Styles
then, if you want, you can move more easily into my companion products
or your own, along with services that complement Your Thing.

If any of this rings true, then I have a special treat for you.

I'd like to invite you to my Self Paced VIRTUAL Bootcamp Connecting with Colors® and Team SYNERGY Facilitator Certification training program designed for heart-connecting, conscious entrepreneurs and "thought" agents of change - "The Connecting with Colors® Facilitation Certification Self Paced VIRTUAL Bootcamp: to OPEN DOORs with a Talk that you Love, Offers that Sell and the Confidence that comes with being Ready!"

You see, I've figured it all out, AND I'm laying it out for you, so you may duplicate my 6-Figure+ success. Creating an authentic and powerful Connecting with Colors® Signature Talk was one of the keys for me in getting Referral - after Referral - after Referral - for speaking and training engagements with businesses in Corporate America. That's why I'm ready to walk you through the same process that has worked so successfully for me, over and over again.

But it's deeper than that. You see, more than anything, I LOVE teaching Connecting with Colors®. Why? Because not only is it a Fast-Paced, fun filled training with options, it's such a FAST and EASY way to get results. (At least, once you have that DOOR OPENER Signature Talk practiced, perfected and ready to go!)

Here's what I used to do:
I used to contract with a National Speaking & Training company, and on Sundays I would fly into a major city, the next morning I would get up at 6 a.m. - get down to set up the room - eat breakfast - be ready to rock & roll at 9:00 - I was always the Keynote Speaker (an extra $100 a day) - go from 9 to 4, break down the room and the products, change clothes, be in the car by 5 and either drive 1-3 hours to the next town in rush hour traffic or run to the airport and maybe get in to the next city by 10-11 at night, get to the hotel room and get up and do it again at 6 a.m. 5 days a week, 2 weeks a month for $350 a day plus whatever I did in BORs - back-of-the-room - sales. Sound exhausting? It was!

With 3 children, we were just, and I mean "just" getting by - no more and no less - and then the seminar company announced that they were going to cut every speaker's daily pay by $50 and no more $100 bonus for Keynoting! That's a $150 a day cut = $750 a week. WOWZA!

It was just the "wake-up call" I needed to realize that I needed to Quantum Leap myself out of working so hard, giving so much for so little money.

free speaking opportunitiesI could no longer meet my monthly bills, and I was really getting burned out. So I took the new financial problem to my MasterMind partner, and I BOLDLY started to set NEW goals to generate $10,000 a month, because that's want I really wanted. I was clear that I would not resign until I had 6 months of work on the calendar equaling $10,000 a month. I was able to resign after MasterMinding weekly for my dreams and goals for just 2 months.

I wanted a 6-Figure Year and I got it!

That was my first of 6-Figure Year, and now I earn multiple 6-Figures with my speaking, movies, UTrain Programs and entire product line that literally creates sales for me 24/7. And Now I am in a position to share my secrets with you!

$3500 - $5000 - $7500 - $10,000 ...Pretty nice for day's work, wouldn't you say?

So what I did is I started giving FREE Speaking gigs that got me in front of major decision makers which got me those Speaking Contracts for Connecting with Colors® as my DOOR OPENER, and then "internal" word-of-mouth in Big Fortune 500 companies got me $3500-$5000 to $10,000 gigs PLUS $35-$99 Per Participant Program Package, over and over and over again. Because one door would open into another THING that they needed: Team Work, How to Work with Difficult People, Thinking Outside the Box, Leadership etc.

Here's the fun you can be having opening doors:

Here's the thing ...according professional speaker Steve Siebold a member of the Millionaires Speaking Club and author of How Rich People Think in his recent teleseminar:

"The money may be tight for the consumer,
but in terms of Corporate America, the money is not tight at all."

"Corporate America is now sitting on over 2 trillion dollars in cash. That is more cash than companies have been sitting on since 1959 when everything was so flush it was unbelievable.

"Now they are sitting on so much cash, not because they are not flush but because they are afraid. They are afraid of what to do next. They don't know where to spend the money but the important thing is that they've got the money. If you are in the speaking business and you've been hearing that the companies are not hiring speakers right now because they don't have the money, that is incorrect and you are listening to the wrong people. I can tell you because the money is there.

"All the people I've been talking with in the Millionaires Speaking Club that I belong to are telling me that this is the best year they've ever had. If you speak to the average speaker on the street, they will tell you this is the worst year they have ever had, which it is for them. But all that money is rolling up to the top 1% of speakers and it's justified because the top speakers are bringing the value because the speaking industry has changed from a marketing model - pre 2008 - and all of that is gone because it's the same old, same old "just be positive"worn out stuff.

"The KEY NOW is Referrals ...exclusively to get into any company. It's going to take a referral from an executive to another executive to get us all in the door. Without the referral we are not going to work. So you've got all these problems in Corporate America, they are richer than they've ever been before in terms of cash, and there are fewer speakers now to solve their problems with new innovative - re-engineered, emotionally and socially transformational experiential immediately applicable training. So if you are staying with me here, you are beginning to realize that this is a very exciting time. If you are one of those people who can get referred, and you have a good program that presents good solutions, then you are in great shape.

"However, if you are new to the speaking business, you might be thinking - is the speaking business all dried up? Oh no, it's more flush than it's ever been; it's only flush for the people who get referrals, because what they are looking for is leaders.

"All you need are the people who believe in what your interpretation is and what your leadership is, in terms of the ideas in your solutions to the company's problems. All you need to have is people who believe in you and your interpretation, and your career is made basically.

"What they are looking for now is THOUGHT LEADERS, not 'positive thinking' speakers!

"Been there done that!

"THOUGHT LEADERS with ideas that can make a difference and can get them to look at their company, their product line, their processes, their people and everything else in the equation of a company in a different way.

"They've been looking at things the same way for all these years, and suddenly the model is turned upside down for them as well, and they are confused; they are not sure which way to turn, and you come in as a THOUGHT LEADER and they say 'Geez, I never thought about it that way before, I never thought about our business that way before, and here's the person we need to get through this business environment.'

"If you are new in the speaking business - there are 50,000 people who try to break into this business each year. I haven't heard of someone getting hired from a demo video in 3 years. It's just something that's not going to happen much any more.


"What has been talked about in the past. Think & Grow Rich etc... Goals...

"THOUGHT LEADERS taking Old ideas and creating NEW interpretations designed to solve the new problems of the new economy and an emerging social-emotional responsibility and civility.

"The issue at hand is establishing yourself as a speaker of original thought: taking Old ideas and creating NEW interpretations designed to solve the new problems of the new economy and replacing FEAR with CIVILITY and social emotional relating."

So there you have it from a Millionaires Speaking Club member Steve Siebold.

It just so happens that my Connecting with Colors® program INCLUDES " NEW interpretations designed to solve the new problems of today, and replacing FEAR with CIVILITY and social emotional relating!"

I've built in a field tested Next Level segment on User-Friendly Quantum Field Theory transformational research and stories that everyone can "identify" with and feel like they've just gotten the newest, latest understanding of what's really going on in relationships that they always felt but could not find the words to speak to ...let alone impact and reach!

So you can take my content, OPEN DOORs with it, and turn it into "your" program.

You can use my Connecting with Colors®, which stands the test of time and the economy, and get yourself out there and build your own BIO and ACCESS info throughout and use the content your own program. My content becomes the starting point of your content ...the door opener, and you build on top of that with your own unique content as you learn the business.

How do you get the credibility?

#1 is to LEVERAGE the credibility of someone who has credibility - my Internet presence and reach to over 10,000,000 people with my Viral Movies - as one of my certified Facilitators. You need proven - multi-dimensional, multi-purpose content! i.e., Connecting with Colors®!

#2 You need content that's unique, applicable and is cutting edge (what could be more cutting edge than the Quantum Field Theory segment in Connecting with Colors® as it relates to Attitudinal Communication) and it's audience proven - field tested with over 20,000 people in a 2 year period.

#3 get out there and DO IT! It's the MOST amazing thing I've seen in my 20 years of being in business. No matter how many different personality styles presentations people have seen over the years ...everybody continues to LOVE MY personality styles because it's FRESH (with the Attitudinal Vibe & Tone Content) it's FUN it's ENGAGING, and besides all of that ...some things just never change: everybody LOVEs talking about themselves and each other!

It is the ONE presentation that I give that keeps going and going and going the little Energizer Bunny!

Here's YOUR Door Opener:

Connecting with Colors® is Humorous, it's fun it's EduTainment and when people are feeling UPLIFTED by the laughter and are able at long last to understand each other and let some of those toughly held defenses down ...the purse strings open!

They want YOU to speak and train their people, and they want to get you on their calendar!

AND THAT'S NOT ALL ....Corporate America is NOT the only place to Make Money!

There are more FREE speaking opportunities out there than you realize. And contrary to what many believe, paid keynote speaking is NOT necessarily where you will find the big bucks.

But speaking to sell back-of-the-room products and services so people can "take you home with them" that's where the big money is.

There are countless benefits for you from free speaking...

First off, you can usually sell anything you want. Don't have your own product yet? Sell Connecting with Colors® coaching, teleseminars and webinars!

Second, You can sell Back of the Room by using my COMPANION PRODUCTS to get you started:

"Connecting Turns Me Into We = Synergy" Wristbands in the 4 Colors.

Additional packages of PSPs - Personality Style Profiles: Work, Home, Management, Sales, Love and Tweens & Teens - for them to take to their families after your Talk.

"I wish I had taken Mary's Life Area PSPs years ago."

Michelle Fought"At the start of my Connecting with Colors Facilitator Certification Training program that I took from Mary, I took both the Home and the Work Personality Style Profile – PSPs. Although from the training I had a good idea of my Predominant Style, I was curious what my Secondary Color Styles were. I was shocked to find out that - while I knew I was a Yellow - in fact a very bright and shiny Yellow - in the work world, at Home I was a Predominant Red! "What?! I'm a Red Mom?!" Taking that PSP - Personality Sytle Profile - opened my eyes as Michelle's Bullhorn - Really!to how I was communicating at home!
It made so much sense! After all these years of raising children, I finally "got it" why my own kids didn't think I was as much fun as everybody else on the planet. And the bullhorn I used at school in a fun, and entertaining way wasn't so much fun when I used it to get their butts out of bed in the morning! Go Figure! The awareness from taking that PSP began my process of "dialing in" to their colors. It has really improved the communication in our home! And I can still have fun with mybullhorn!

Michelle Fought,
Certified CWC Facilitator

Listen in as Michelle visits with Mary about what Connecting with Color's Facilitator Certification Training has meant to the transformation of her life.


Michelle Fought

"There is so much value for the investment that I highly encourage you to get started. First of all Mary makes it easy and fun, even the technological aspects of being in business for yourself from getting speaking gigs to keeping in touch with decision makers. I did not come in with any business background. I was a PTA mom who had no corporate experience and look at me now!

The real beauty of this program is the 'let's work together' with putting your thing with my thing. It has really worked together beautifully and is getting me speaking gigs that I am really excited about."


Michelle Fought,
Certified CWC Facilitator

Connecting with Colors® Book & CD program with YOUR Bio and Website information printed right INSIDE of the cover!

ALL speaking contract fees are 100% YOURS, and all BOR sales go to YOU for 20-40% deep commissions.

How You Make BIG Money:
You get yourself a gig with a Fortune 500 company who, because of your STELLAR performance, wants to buy Connecting with Colors® book and CD for everyone in the company and voilá! ... a Big Honkin' commission goes directly to you.

Connecting with Colors® is your DOOR OPENER for YOUR THING!
Everyone LOVEs this Education + Entertainment = EduTainment!

Here's just a peak at my Performance TRACK Record with Connecting with Colors® Corporate and Business Training, and these kinds of recommendations can be yours too...

"You have given us the competitive edge we were looking for!"

letter of recommendation "I am writing to you today to express my appreciation for such a wonderful seminar that you put on for our employees. The reason that this comes belated, is that I believe to truly assess the impact of any seminar is to see how long the employees retain, and use the presented material. I can now say, honestly, that you did a fabulous job, as our employees are still using and enjoying the material you presented.

In the automotive business, where understanding the customer becomes paramount in all of our departments, your seminar hit the mark. We knew we had to find a way to effectively communicate to our customers to remain profitable in such a competitive atmosphere as the retail automotive business is, and your Connecting with Color's Training did just that, in fact Mary, you have given us the competitive edge we were looking for. Thank you."

Daniel J. Morris
Dealer Operations Manager
Dave Hamilton Autodealership

"WOW! Your delivery of hard-hitting, focused, enlightening session
was exactly the message that we wanted presented..."

letter"On June 18, the newly formed Elkay Business Women's Organization officially surpassed our end-of-year membership goal by 65% ... due, in large part, to the energy generated by your dynamic presentation at our kick-off meeting! On the day following your interactive speech (Connecting with Colors) one of the e-mails that I received did an excellent job of summing up the general response. The one-word message (in large, bold-faced type) was: 'WOW!!'

In addition to the enthusiastic response to the evening speech to the Business Women's Organization, your "MasterMinding For Success"session at Elkay's Operations Council demonstrated your ability to reach and excite a group of corporate leaders who came to the presentation with a variety of experiences, challenges and agendas. Your creative, positive approach to innovative thinking and goal-setting was a hit! Several key people made the comment that you "commanded the room." They were right.

Most importantly, from my perspective as the co-leader and one of the initial founders of the Elkay Business Women's Organization, you made our new group "look good" to top corporate management! As the sponsor of your visit to Elkay, your delivery of a hard-hitting, focused, enlightening session was exactly the message that we wanted to present. Everyone who participated in the day's events left your interactive discussions with new ideas and a plan for growth and change.

Thanks for helping us plant the seeds for future success. We will definitely invite you back to share with us again!"

Deanne B. Brezette, C.P.M.
Purchasing Manager
Elkay Manufacturing

"Mary's techniques are the best I've ever seen!"

"Thank you so much for the team training you provided our Customer Services staff on July 21-22.

You homed right in on the issues we had discussed. The outcome now will be determined by the individuals. I also appreciate the hints you've provided to myself and the managers as to helping us understand our staff better.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and I wish you well in the future.

To Your Potential Client:
I first heard Mary speak about a year ago. I was very impressed with her ability to 'touch' the audience. Her techniques are some of the best I've ever seen and her sincerity is so clear that no one can misconstrue it as being contrived.

As time went by and I made some adjustments in our support center organization structure, I realized we had varying levels of skill when the employees were involved in team oriented situations.

I called Mary. We discussed the kinds of issues I was seeing, and she customized a one and a half day team training session that was delivered in July. It went very well. Mary continues to follow-up and is available if I or the managers have questions.

I highly recommend Mary Reynolds to you. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!"

Sally Phares
University and Community College Systems of Nevada
System Computing Services

This is the ONLY Facilitation Certification training available that walks heart-connecting entrepreneurs and agents of change through EXACTLY how to give the Connecting with Colors® Talk that Gets You Booked, grows your email lists and creates an Internet Presence and Sales 24/7!

It's designed to help you OPEN DOORS to:

  • Understand how you can utilize a working understanding of COLOR Styles as it relates to Closing the SALE to FILL your Calendar with FULL FEE Speaking and Training Engagements from $3500 for a half day up to $10,000 and beyond!
  • EduTain your way into increasing your back-of-the-room sales;
  • The freedom to add YOUR THING to your marketing mix;
  • Create a line of excited customers at your back table ready to purchase;
  • Generate leads for future business, because not every speaking engagement is going to be about closing the sale.

It's designed specifically for entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, speakers, authors and service professionals who prefer an authentic style of speaking and want to use their COLOR style to draw people in without being "salesy." Most speaking trainings out there teach an aggressive style, and focus on being more pushy, "salesy" and downright manipulative.

"What differentiates Mary's Connecting with Colors® Personality Styles from the other
color personality programs out there, the D.I.S.C., Myers Briggs and the Enneagram?"

If you resonate with my "EduTain" philosophy, then you'll love learning how to give your
Connecting with Colors
® Signature Talk that magically transforms interested prospects
into invested clients on-the-spot and leaves both you and them feeling good about it.

In becoming a Connecting with Colors® Certified Facilitator,
these kind of testimonials below can be YOURS too!
Audiences just LOVE my SIMPLIFIED & SYNERGIZED take on Personality Styles and yet
as YOU NAIL the CWC Signature Talk I've built for you with its
"natural and progressive" transition, Irresistible Offer and Invisible CLOSE ...
it will leave them wanting YOU for more
FULL FEE speaking, training, coaching and/or consulting with Your THING!

Listen to what participants are saying about Mary as a trainer:

"...thought I might not find a lot in the training I could use. I was wrong."

"Mary is very proficient. I am nearing retirement age and thought I might not find a lot in the seminar I could use. I was wrong! I realize now I have the rest of my life to use the image and communication skills she displayed today."

Betty M. Nichols
Judicial Assistant
Idaho Supreme Court

" has helped gel mega amounts of information."

"Mary, I thought you would like to know that your seminar has made a difference in me. It has helped gel mega amounts of information that I have been feeding to myself for the last year or so. I feel as if I have a handle on knowing what I want and how to attain it."

Theresa D. Us
Network of Executive Women

"Fun-packed ...full of fantastic ideas you can put to work for you..."

"Wow! What a wonderful, powerful way to learn to communicate . . . AND have a great time too! Fun-packed seminar full of fantastic ideas you can put to work for you anywhere, any time AND with anyone! Very entertaining presenter!"

Rita Singleton
Admin. Assist.

" a seminar leader she's GREAT!"

"Mary Robinson Reynolds is such an inspiration to me. As a seminar leader she's GREAT! She reminded me of a great speaker by the name of Barbara DeAngelos."

Aida Fields
Admin. Assist.

"Very powerful, riveting seminar!"

"Mary is very dynamic and expressive. Very powerful, riveting seminar. Witty, charming, and very, very informative."

Kathy Berreth
Admin. Support

"Mary was able to incorporate theory with real life situations."

"I feel very empowered with the tools and techniques Mary presented. Mary is an excellent speaker who was able to incorporate theory with real life situations. I highly recommend any program Mary presents."

Rebecca Nance
Sales Representative

"...made me laugh and was very helpful all at once!"

"Mary made me laugh and was very helpful all at once. I wish I could listen to her talk once a week."

Kristy Shahan

"Mary has made self-analysis challenging and yet painless."

Char Foster
West One Bank

"I feel the topics can be applied to further my career and life goals."

"I feel the topics discussed were in depth, real life situations that can be applied to further my career and life goals. The concepts were right on target."

Leficia Fernandez
Claims Sup.

"Mary is a great speaker. Giver her a raise!!!"

Lisa Marie Brown
Admin. Assist.

"She is extremely witty, charming and very, very informative."

"Mary is very dynamic and expressive. This was a very powerful, riveting seminar. She is extremely witty, charming and very, very informative."

Carol Schafer
Continental Pacific Bank

And the #1 resounding response exclaimed most often from the nearly 20,000 participants in Mary's presentations:

"Thank God for your presentation today. Now I know I'm not crazy!"

In just a few weeks from now, you're going to walk away with:

  • CERTIFICATION that you are licensed to take into any business, corporation, school, church or organization.

  • Knowing the specific steps to easily TRANSITION from your talk to your offer without being manipulative or forced. This is the part heart-connecting entrepreneurs usually struggle with!

  • Insider secrets on how to make a compelling offer at the end of your workshops so you can easily increase your revenues.

  • How to create hunger and desire in your audience without pressuring them at all.

  • How to craft your introduction so you gain instant credibility with your audience and gain their trust quickly.

  • The secret to telling powerful stories from the stage. This is a skill you'll use throughout your business!

  • What to do if you're asked to speak but told you can't sell products from the stage. I'll show you exactly what to do instead so that it's still really worth your while to get on that stage!

  • Know how to easily turn one gig into many. This will make your efforts to get booked SO much easier!

  • A FUN EduTainment Signature Talk you will LOVE performing. And while it is a scripted talk, you enjoy so much audience involvement that you will just flow through it with them flying along right beside you. My Connecting with Colors® Signature Talk is crafted to get sales, and you'll still have room to be "in the moment" and sound natural and spontaneous. And best yet, once you HAVE that Signature Talk practiced, perfected and ready to go, watch how many speaking opportunities flow effortlessly to you.

  • Learn and teach others the power of COLOR styles in Sales.

  • The CONFIDENCE that comes with being READY!

Best yet, you're going to know how to be paid well for making a difference.

ENTREPRENEUR VIRTUAL Certification . . .
Green Bubble Check 5-Module VIRTUAL Bootcamp - see schedule below. $2,997
Green Bubble Check Connecting with Colors® UTrain™ Facilitator's Guide, Research, Systems and PowerPoint Presentation Slides for BOTH business and education (K-4 & 5-12) $497
Green Bubble Check UClick&Play video of Mary delivering Connecting with Colors. $99
Green Bubble Check 20 PSPs - Personality Style Profile Facilitation Systems - for Target Audiences - in 7 Life Areas: at Work, at Home, in Leading & Managing, in Sales, in Love, Sex & Money, in Parenting & Teaching, and for Tween & Teens. This will expand your audience base beyond the Corporate and Organizational audiences to monetize your speaking, training and coaching business. $99
Support . . .  
Blue Bubble Check MasterMind group to support you as you get started and stay with you to reach your 6-Figure Income Goals & beyond. Priceless
Blue Bubble Check Mentor, Coach & MasterMind Business Builder program to help you create a profitable business (additional fee required.) Optional
Blue Bubble Check Amazing tech-support team at your service - you'll love them! Always there for you! Priceless
Income Opportunity . . .
Red Bubble Check Certification to charge a fee to teach Connecting With Colors® and to use our trademarks and name. You keep 100% of the income you generate, and you set your own prices for your workshops and 1-on-1 sessions. Add $3,500 to $10,000+ /mo to your income. Income results will vary.
100% Yours
Red Bubble Check Comprehensive business model to support you in attracting and retaining clients, including templates and training for individual sessions. Step-by-Step Plan. Marketing support material including email templates, post cards and Mary's eContacting system. Grow your email list with our ready made viral movies with email templates; we will show you how.
Red Bubble Check Connecting with Colors® book that you can sell to your clients with YOUR bio and speaking information in it, guaranteeing that YOU will be receiving the calls for more speaking as well as those commissions on the large corporate quantity orders that come in through your special Affiliate URL!
Red Bubble Check Connecting with Colors SYNERGIZE (Every Relationship In) Your Life Personality Styles Program, designed for heart-connecting, accomplished women and evolved really smart men that will Get YOU More of what you Want and less of what you don't want in each of the 4 Color Styles in every one of the 7 Areas of Your Life: WORK, HOME, LOVE, SEX & MONEY, PARENT & TEACH, 'TWEENS & TEENS, LEAD& MANAGE, & SALES

You will be able to Target 7 ADDITIONAL Industries with the content provided in this program. This program will also be your Back of the Room - BOR - product for your Irresistible Offer for higher percentage sales in your CWC® Signature Talk.
Red Bubble Check Client referrals from our Connecting with Colors® program (additional requirements.)
Red Bubble Check Earn commissions with our generous affiliate program offering a wide selection of products to support you and your clients. Priceless
Travel & Fun Adventures . . .  
Red Bubble Check Learning to Market anywhere in the world you'd like to TRAVEL and see. My eContacting and Internet Marketing system will take you anywhere you want to go in the world (writing it off as a business expense) and pay for your trip as well as make a greater impact and income.
Red Bubble Check How to PARTY and have FUN as you Network at as many events as you can get to each and every week! Even on the weekends! You will learn how to turn every PARTY into a "connection" without being manipulative or forced! I will show you how to be an authentic, JOYOUS, Color Connector while gaining instant credibility for yourself as a speaker, trainer and/or coach.
Red Bubble Check In your Step-by-Step Plan, you will have a CHECK-OFF LIST to a 6-Figure Income that is FUN and EASY to follow. You will be able to STAY ON TRACK with your Plan while you are getting out there to speak and make money so you can meet even more people to play with while you work.  Priceless

So let me walk you through how you're going to get all of this amazing information.

woman thinking at workshopWhen you register for my Facilitator Certification + Business-in-a-Box Virtual Bootcamp you are going to learn EVERYTHING you would have if you had been at a live event.

This is a combination of the COMPLETE version of my 3-Day intensive training where I teach step-by-step how to facilitate any size audience AND your Signature Connecting With Colors® Talk, PLUS you'll have the opportunity to have me PERSONALLY walk you through it in our three 1:1 Coaching Sessions (see Bonus #5.)

Remember, I don't believe in just sending you a product to have it sit, unused and gathering dust, on your shelf.

I've created an entire Self Paced Virtual Bootcamp around this life-changing information so you get the most out of it.

Self Paced VIRTUAL Bootcamp for ENTREPRENEURs

MODULE 1: UClick&Play Training Presentation of Color Styles with Assignment plus Audio Training with 2 different audiences.

MODULE 2: UClick&Play Connection Technique & Energy Illustration with User Friendly Quantum Field Theory research and stories for your unique new spin to grab them and make a long term impact! Set yourself apart from others with this segment of the training.

MODULE 3: the Art of Facilitation: what to expect, what to do, how to engage and command your audience's attention from beginning to end.

MODULE 4: CWC Signature Talk, Marketing, Referrals, Sales and getting booked to speak.

MODULE 5: MasterMinding: spiritual goal achieving system for 6-Figures.

Assignment: Video tape 10-15 minute delivery of CWC and upload on YouTube or mail it in for Coaching from Mary, Fee Range discussion and activating your Certification.

Now ...Let me also share a few things you WON'T get in my Self Paced Connecting with Colors® and Team SYNERGY Facilitator Certification VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP:

  • NO boring, "canned" presentation. While this is a scripted talk with PowerPoint Presentation Slides ready to go, you will find just how enjoyable it is to learn, give and make your own.

  • You are NOT going to learn to BE a Robot! This segment is NOT about where you're supposed to stand, to point, to look. These are easy to implement and remember facilitation skills. You are going to learn to be yourself and to FLOW with the different COLOR STYLEs represented in your audience. I'm going to empower you to be yourself, have fun - really feel that wonderful ENERGETIC connection to your audience and of course, sell a ton!

  • NO manipulative tactics that may get you the sale AND then returns on buyer's remorse. Once you earn a customer, you want to have a long relationship with them.

  • NO how to "get over"stage fright. Instead, how to embrace and constructively use what's happening in your body as you are preparing to be with a lot of energy coming through you for your audience. I teach you to CONNECT with your audience before you ever step on stage by focusing on them, on giving and service. To be honest, I've discovered when you focus on "them" and providing value to your audience, the adrenaline that's preparing you for taking on the energy of a room full of people smooths out and you actually feel warm, excited in a good way and ready to go!

  • There will not be a bunch of other speakers doing a PITCHATHON. I will do Your entire training.

Here's how it's going to work:

You'll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive online forum. There you'll find the entire Connecting with Colors® steps laid out for you in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

This is a Self-Paced program offering. You will receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your CWC DASHBOARD which is available for you Online where you will receive ALL 5 Modules with ALL of your Bonuses.

Take this one Module at a time. Do the work required for each Module, one-step-at-a-time and you will not get into overwhelm. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

You are encouraged to move through the material in a timely manner so you can be ready to catapult your speaking business.

Self Paced - Begin Today!
Manage Your Own Timeline.
You will receive IMMEDIATE Access to your
Online Dashboard with all 5 Modules.

CWC Training Dashboard


"Our WHOLE group was extremely delighted and 100% service satisfied."

"Our WHOLE group was extremely delighted with our speaker, Mary Robinson Reynolds. She is a very informed, personable and inspiring speaker. The material was presented with clarity, yet uplifting to all... Our group was 100% service satisfied."

Donna Howard
Sprint Communications

Here's EXACTLY what you will learn
as you go through the 5 Modules

Module 1 - Be Ready for Any Opportunity to Speak
with Your Connecting with Colors
® Training Script

You Will Speak to an Appreciative AudienceWe start here because Connecting with Colors® training IS your DOOR OPENER for big pay speaking gigs. Be it Keynotes or Full Fee contract after contract after contract within a major corporation or business.

You will watch, observe, learn from two of my Live Presentations. I will discuss with you, how to work with every imaginable and diverse audience.

So we start here and help you get your mind around the Connecting with Colors® from two different presentation styles, perspectives and audiences.

You will study both presentations and then start working with the PowerPoint Presentations Slides and Scripts for BOTH business and education (K-4 & 5-12.)

You'll learn:

  • The Psychology of Color Styles as they directly relate to work, management, sales, home, love and tweens and teens.

  • How to prepare for your presentation based on the PSPs - Personality Style Profiles.

  • How to prepare for an audience who will not be taking the PSPs ?

  • What you can and must find out about every audience you are going to present to.

  • Two different presentation styles based on the audience energy and psychological make-up.

  • How how to keep your presentation fast-paced and on point so your ideal clients and decision makers can't wait to invest with you.

  • How you can feel confident presenting this because you know it's field tested in front of every imaginable audience.

  • The biggest mistake most speakers make when presenting this material.

Complete PowerPoint Presentations for:






Grades 5-12


Grades K-4

Module 2 - Teaching the "Technique" that will transform and empower your audience to take their new understanding of Color Styles immediately forward to their places of work, management, sales, love, tweens and teens; in ALL of their significant relationships and enjoy positive long term results.

The #1 TechniqueNow that you have watched and are learning the nuances and the psychology of the Color Styles , people will want to know what they can do to get people to change.


You will learn how to explain the instantaneous Real Time Energy of an Attitude and how people are affecting each other all the time. This IS the information I started building a speaking business to get out into the world. This IS the segment where the information is the most transformative and enjoyable to present.

You will learn what's really happening in "intense" situations and what you can "think" and "do" to influence a better outcome in 30 seconds or less! You will be able to easily and enjoyably bring in User-Friendly Quantum Field Theory to explain what's REALLY going on in relationships to your audience learning my very specific Audience (Field-Tested) Energy Illustration, Exercise and Technique. THIS will SET YOU APART as a Speaker, Trainer & Coach!

You'll also learn:

  • How to bring audience members up on stage with you and make it safe and comfortable and fun for them.

  • How to show the #1 Technique and explain the psychology and the User-Friendly Quantum Field Theory of Entrainment that gets positive results.

  • How to pick the best audience members to take questions from and bring up on stage who will get and keep every body's attention for the entire training.

  • How to position the Attitudinal Energy Illustration from a place of credibility so you will keep your audience with you.

  • Create an instant connection with your audience every time with the #1 Technique for dissolving intense situations in 30 seconds or less.

  • My TOP 3 audience exercises/activities that get the very best SYNERGISTIC results with your entire group and have you walking away with them wanting more training from you each and every time. They are entirely EduTaining, transformational and extensively field tested.

"How to use Matching & Mirroring with prospective coaching clients
and corporate decision makers to get the speaking or training gig."

"Mary's PSPs have really helped me to not feel left out emotionally."

"I've been studying different personality type indicators for years and most are pretty complex. Mary's program breaks it down to simple, yet quite accurate, color styles. I'm kind of a raging Yellow and I discovered that my husband is totally Green. In learning about Greens, I discovered WHY he always wants to do projects by himself. It's not because he doesn't want to include me, it's just that he truly believes he has a better way, doesn't delegate well and doesn't need my far out ideas! And then when I voice my idea anyway, and he feels criticized, I remember that he's neurologically wired this way and now I can easily explain that to him and in fact hold back when his way is working just fine. He apparently criticizes himself enough for the both of us! This knowledge has really helped me to not feel left out emotionally. Mary's Personality Style Profile (PSP) has helped me with my Blue friends and my Red boss too. I intend to make a living out of sharing Mary's Color Styles with others to spread the knowledge and create more peace in the world!"

Maureen Ross Gemme,
CWC SYL Participant

Module 3 - The Art of Facilitation: Edu-Tain and Grow Rich
I'll teach you exactly how to keep your entire audience engaged with you the entire way through. What exercises work and how to insert them into a full day training and to work them to keep the audience with you!

EduTainment SellsAh, now we've gotten to the "EduTainment." This is what sets my Connecting with Colors Certification Program apart from all the rest of other Personality Style trainings out there.

My Art of Facilitation Techniques includes:

  • How to quickly connect with your audience...

  • How to deal with "blurters" and "gabbers"...

  • How to embrace the room before stepping on stage!

  • My favorite TRICKs for getting every one's attention back after doing a really fun, highly energized and loud activity.

  • Specific examples you can model so your talk creates IMMEDIATE desire in your audience and they can't WAIT to invest with you.

  • How to move past any fear or resistance you may have about being ourselves in speaking, training, coaching and product packages per participant with your decisions makers and your audience.

  • Learn the perspective shift on stage fright that will absolutely set you free to speak up anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

  • Learn the surprising secret (it's shocking, actually) to having natural, off the hook charisma…every single time you speak up.

  • How to get juice from your audience so you can give even more.

  • What is means to be "in The Zone" as a speaker.

  • Effective strategies to stay focused and moving in the right direction.

  • Specific tools and exercises you can apply immediately to be in (and stay in) The Zone.

  • Ways to engage and influence your clients/audience in an authentic way.

  • How to be "real" and "credible" at the same time.

  • How to align with your "best self" so that you have the confidence to charge what you're worth and receive it joyfully.

"How this certification training is creating interest and requests for more information
and how it gives you the confidence to speak to anybody about anything."

"Mary's PSP's help us understand why we ACT the way we do"

letter of recommendation "I am learning a TON! Thanks to Mary Robinson Reynolds Connecting With Colors Personality Styles Program. I am having the time of my life! I am so filled with energy everyday discovering who I am Personality Color Style ~wise! And I'm helping friends and family SYNERGIZE too!  Mary's PSP's tool helps us understand why we ACT the way we do and or the reasons why we REACT the way we do. It’s like a LIGHT has dawned upon me and everyone I share this with.  As a Certified Facilitator I am learning all about how ‘attitudes' are not hidden, and how attitudinal energy works! How our attitudinal energy in our lives affect others, and the BONUS is how we can turn difficult circumstances and situations into energizing, synergizing OPPORTUNITIES to Grow & Enhance our very lives! Woot! Woot! I knew I needed a CHANGE and I was praying to find the way to bring needed change into my life. Then Viola! CWC came into my world.  Now I have New Direction, a New Attitude, a New Lease on my Life, and I am so filled with energy I want to run all around the world and share this New Discovery! Talk about a way to World Peace, ha! I hope many will take the time to discover CWC for themselves, you're worth it baby..."

Deborah Fischer

Module 4 - Monetizing Your Purpose & Passion in Speaking: Your Connecting with Colors® Signature Talk and how to make a smooth transition from giving value to offering your coaching and teleseminars / webinars along with CWC companion product packages in a way that feels good to you and to your audience.

Monitize Your Purpose & PassionHow to Use Connecting with Colors® as Your SIGNATURE talk. This is THE talk - all outlined for you - that will start OPENing DOORs for you!

You will learn how to make a compelling offer at the end of your Connecting with Colors® Signature Talk = Introductory Talk or Keynote - so you can easily increase your back of the room revenues as well as establish your credibility as a $3500+ for a 1/2 day speaker/trainer.

Marketing to Create You 6-Figure Income: Ready, Set, LAUNCH your Marketing with my Internet and Direct Marketing System.

You will be given the Marketing Road Map with Step-by-Step System to building your 6-Figure Income with Speaking, Training and Selling companion products AND your own products if you have them.

YOU WILL LOVE the Marketing system I have in place for you to set up. It IS as easy as 1,2,3... 4, 5, 6 & 7. You can begin launching your marketing as soon as you are ready to speak. I will give you the templates.

We have a way for you to put your BIO in all of our books and participant workbooks so they will be able to give YOU their Business!

You will learn simple, straightforward, affordable Direct Marketing campaign that I used to created my first 6-Figure year and the subsequent Internet Marketing that we use to generate a multiple 6-Figure Income.

I will teach you my innovative email contacting system that has built and sustains our multiple 6-Figure Income. (OBTW: this is not what others are teaching - at least not that I have seen any one else doing so be prepared to be amazed. It has nothing to do with pay-per click, Joint Venture or Affiliate Programs and is not about TeleSummits).

I will also give you the KEYS to growing your email lists with our viral movies. No one else out there has this system in place either!

Only MY Certified Facilitators will be licensed to use my 30 along with 30 of Mac Anderson's movies from to grow your email lists with my specific and field tested email marketing system. THIS IS HUGE!

Yes there IS a way you can transition to your offer and have it flow easily and effortlessly and I've built it in for you. I want you to feel completely comfortable making an offer and by the time you're done with this module, you'll wonder why you struggled with this for so long!

Knowing how to seed and tell stories as they relate to the Color Styles is the key for getting people eager to take you home with them by purchasing CWC products and your Coaching and TeleSeminar Offers.

You'll also learn:

  • How and why Connecting with Colors® Signature Talk is seeded so you get results and feel authentic at the same time.

  • The mindset behind the magic -- to make it easy for you to feel good while you're making sales!

  • How you can be your authentic self and feel confident and prepared to make your offer

  • The first thing you should do after you finish speaking and step off the stage ...this is CRITICAL. Many sales are lost because the speaker doesn't know this

  • When to hand out your order form and exactly what to say once they have it in their hands. (We'll take all the awkwardness out of this part.) I want you to feel completely comfortable making your offer by the time you're done with this module.

  • PLUS my Internet Marketing System for developing a easily developing relationship for Getting Booked.

  • You will receive the email templates I use to connect with decision makers.

  • We have the entire infrastructure in place for you to generate product sales 24/7/365 from my email marketing system that you will be able to put in place on your own.

  • You will be quickly up and running with our Viral Movies (you will also get to use Mac Anderson's Simple Truths Movies as well!) and email templates ready to go to grow your email list every single week and month.

  • And I will give you my unique eContacting system to reach out to decision makers in every industry imaginable that fits Your Thing.

  • How to find companies and organizations who already have a budget to pay speakers like you handsomely -- even if you're not famous or well-known in your field.

  • Why you should never accept less than $2,500.00 to give a speech -- even if you're a complete unknown -- and what to do to easily get that fee.

  • Five critical steps for landing speaking engagements when you don't have a lot of time to spend marketing yourself.

  • Why you don't need a demo tape or a fancy speakers kit to land speaking gigs, but what you DO need to give them instead.

  • How experienced speakers can raise their fee and get it.

  • Five ways you can make money beyond the speaking fee you receive.

  • Three critical things to ask for when negotiating with the meeting planner to make the most of the opportunity.

  • ...and your Step-by-Step Money Making Plan. Give your Speaking Business a minimum of 1-hour a day using my Internet Marketing System, and you will be Speaking as much as you Intend.

"How soon can I expect to start get speaking engagements?"

Module 5 - MasterMinding for a Rich Life: Building a 6-Figure Income
and beyond Speaking, Training, Coaching, Selling Back-of-the-Room
CWC Personality Style Profiles, books and Your Offerings!

MasterMind for Your Thing!MasterMinding: In order to make money you've got to have a Prosperity Consciousness and a Mindset that allows it. MasterMinding is a spiritual goal achieving system that will help you accomplish your heart desires.

I've used MasterMinding for over twenty years and my MasterMinding system is also different than what other's are teaching. You will discover that my system is not about accountability or brainstorming within the context of your weekly MasterMinding sessions for formulating goals and turning them into spiritual requests.

Generally at this time in the training people are overwhelmed with the information. YOU however, will experience a NEW way of downloading all of this information into your consciousness with a clear understanding of what you will do the moment you get back in your own office.

You ARE on PURPOSE... you ARE HERE to Make A Difference and
Connecting with Colors WILL Open the doors you need so you can

Getting the speaking contract is obviously pretty important. But it's not the only way to maximize your speaking opportunity.

You will be learning my specific MasterMinding techniques for formulating the financial goals you seek. But first...

What's your Mindset about Making Money and Making a Difference?

Let's make sure that every time you speak you enjoy new clients, great money AND a whole slew of additional results beyond that, which most speakers miss, shall we? "Begin with the End in Mind."

How many talks per month do you want to be doing? What's your annual income number?

I will show you how to formulate MasterMind Requests and Goals that will shift your mindset in the ways that are best for you to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

You will learn my system for being mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared and ready for anything and every thing and what I do each morning before head out for the day.

You'll also learn:

  • The ONE KEY reason why you don't have to forfeit living a rich, authentic, spiritual life or give up your most important values when you focus on making and keeping more money.

  • How to pinpoint and eliminate ANY conflicting feelings about money and take your business to the next level from a place of integrity, alignment and confidence.

  • The #1 reason asking, "How can you make money and be spiritual?" is sabotaging your creativity and limiting you from getting paid amazing money for your unique gifts.

  • Exactly how healing the split between being spiritual and making fabulous money serves you, serves Spirit AND serves your decision makers.

  • How to use my MasterMinding system to clean up — once and for all — why you procrastinate, hesitate or simply don't ask for the money in your life AND in business (ladies, solving this will increase your spiritual AND your physical bank account.)

  • How to formulate specific MasterMind goals and requests so you will confidently handle your clients' money issues (especially when you hear the "I can't afford it" speech.)

  • How to MasterMind so you will stop feeling nervous or give away your power when asking for the sale.

  • What to offer your prospective client that is the MOST likely to generate a "Yes - that's what I want!" response.

  • How to MasterMind to maximize each speaking opportunity.

  • How to easily and effortlessly stay connected and keep "seeing" those opportunities.

  • My secret for turning each gig into more gigs! (So much easier than soliciting new opportunities all the time).

  • My simple secrets for building your list every time you speak. A VERY important reason to get out there as much as possible!

  • How to MasterMind for your Ideal Speaking Engagements, Fee & B.O.R. Results

I enjoyed a 20 year history with MasterMinding and have been teaching MasterMinding to others for 12 years. ( )

"Mary's MasterMinding System is unique
and has made all the difference in the world."

Michelle Fought Mary's peer-to-peer MasterMind partnering does not encourage advice giving, brainstorming or accountability and I am so glad for her system because if it weren't that way, I would not be making the discoveries that I am about what's trying to happen for me, through me. When you have a program like Mary's Connecting with Colors Facilitator's and having access to a MasterMinding Request Message Board with Color Style Facilitators who are like-minded and have been trained in how to hold the space for you ... all I can say is that it is powerful. I can be up in the middle of the night and I can go out to Mary's MasterMinding Request Message Board and post my deepest needs and desires and KNOW that someone, somewhere in the world is going to SEE and believe for me and I feel the value and power of that every single day. It's a tool that makes you use your spiritual muscle and these muscles must be used to grow. All of Mary's monthly MasterMind Sessions keep me flexing and reaching for a larger vision of myself. Because I've worked with her for a year all I can say is that to have Mary coach you and guide you through this process is priceless. I can always sense the energy and she always "goes there" with you and you feel her energy lifting you up in all of the material.

Michelle Fought,
Certified CWC Facilitator

Listen in as Michelle talks about her experience with Mary's MasterMinding System

Bonus #1 - Connecting With Colors® UTrain™ Program
with 12 hours of MP3 & Video Training and
complete set of PowerPoint slides w/ outlined notes,
plus Connecting With Colors®: SYNERGIZE Your Life™ Program
with 24 hours of MP3 & Video Training

CWC UTrainConnecting with Colors® UTrain™ Program - Value $497

NOW ...You can present the Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN® Program to your staff and invested associates at your convenience; as your schedule allows.

You can have me do your training for you, OR you can utilize this DO-IT-YOURSELF Training at your place of business, office or site-wide campus at you convenience, on your own schedule.

Mary Robinson Reynolds' Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN® Program includes engaging PowerPoint presentation slides that will help you deliver a clear concise learning experience and a powerful presentation to your associates and staff.

Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN® program presentation includes 194 slides with an easy-to-follow Script to be delivered as Six 50-minute segments. They are adaptable for personal customization: adding your own titles, key themes, strategies, persons of interest, organization themes, photos and activities.

Connecting with Colors® SYNERGIZE Your Life Program - Value $297

'Up Close & Personal' Connecting with Colors® SYNERGIZE (Every Relationship In) Your Life Personality Styles Program, designed for heart-connecting, accomplished women and evolved really smart men that will Get YOU More of what you Want and less of what you don't want with each of the 4 Color Styles in every one of the 7 Areas of Your Life:  WORK, HOME, LOVE, SEX & MONEY, PARENT & TEACH, 'TWEENS & TEENS, LEAD& MANAGE, & SALES

You will be able to Target 7 ADDITIONAL Industries with the content provided in this program. This program will also be your Back of the Room - BOR - product for your Irresistible Offer for higher percentage sales in your CWC® Signature Talk.

Bonus #2 - Discover How to BE a TurnAround Specialist Training

One of my big secrets to success with such large and diverse audiences is that I pay attention to the labels people still carry around with them that can make conversations and collaborations INTENSE and then how anyone can learn to TURN it AROUND. This is why people pay me, and will pay you, the big bucks! I'm going to give you access to my exclusive "Be a TurnAround Specialist" MP3 audio training so you can walk through this business transforming process prior to our calls together.
 - Value $197

Bonus #3 - Know What You Want & Get It: MasterMinding 101 Online Course

The #1 reason people fail in business is they get out there and try to do it all alone. My system of MasterMinding is designed to quickly move you through those areas where you are stuck because of fear and old, worn out paradigms. Rather than force you into futile accountability, you will learn how to truly listen to your own inner guidance system - IGS. When two or more minds come together, the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Having several people focus on how you can actualize your intentions is like lightning in a bottle - incredibly powerful stuff!  - Value $297
"How the CWC Certification Training is applying to a PTA mom
with no corporate background, who is intending to take this
transformational program into schools as her way to make a positive
difference in education for today's children, parents and teachers."

Bonus #4 - My "Get Booked Speaking Checklist."

This amazing downloadable UTrain™ Program includes:

  • My proprietary "Get Connected" form which lets you turn one gig into many (as if by magic.) Use it to collect leads and get more gigs!
  • My Pre-event Questionnaire - 15 questions you MUST ask before you accept a speaking invitation. I struggled for 3 years before I finally developed this!
  • Speaking Gig Pre-event / Packing Checklist (Just throwin' this one in so you know what to bring once you GET BOOKED!)

Bonus #5 - 1:1 Coaching with Mary for your CWC Signature Talk & Certification!

You will receive 3 One-Hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Mary for your CWC Signature Talk - either by phone, FaceTime and/or SKYPE to move you toward your certification!  - Value $3000

So to recap, here's what you're going to get:

check Access to my Connecting with Colors® and Team SYNERGY
Facilitator Certification Virtual Bootcamp
 Bonus #1 

Connecting With Colors® UTrain™ Program with 12 hours of MP3 & Video Training and complete set of PowerPoint slides w/ outlined notes, plus Connecting With Colors®: SYNERGIZE Your Life™ Program with 24 hours of MP3 & Video Training

Bonus #2 Immediate access to my Become a TurnAround Specialist Training
Bonus #3 Immediate access to my Know What You Want & Get It: MasterMinding 101 Online Course
Bonus #4 Immediate access to my "Get Booked Checklist"
Bonus #5 1:1 Coaching - 3 One-Hour with Mary for your CWC Signature Talk & Certification

"Wow - This all sound fabulous. How am I going to get my hands on all this Good to Go Business-in-a-Box?"

This is the exciting part. You see, I'm PASSIONATE about not only making sure this information gets into your hands but that you actually USE it. That's why I designed an entire Virtual Bootcamp around this experience. And, I made it easily accessible with a compact, easy to use DashBoard:

So what is this going to cost me?

As you've come to expect from me, I'm not going to start comparing the price to cups of Starbucks coffee or new shoes.

My husband, a Wharton Business grad with a Masters degree, always puts it to me this way:
"How many speaking engagements do you need to sell to pay for this training?"

Answer: "One" ...only one.

You already know it's a good deal, and when you apply what you learn, you'll EASILY make your money back in confidence, credibility and ultimately career advancement and remuneration (probably during your first talk).

And for the "investment" of one speaking engagement, you're going to learn the secrets behind the Art of Facilitation. You'll advance your career and you'll feel authentic while you're doing it. Only you can know - get in touch with - what is that worth to you?

I love what my health and fitness coach says to me when I waver ..."If not now, when?"

This is more than you knowing all the ways that this will advance your career and increase your income, this is about feeling confident, poised and grace-filled when you speak and knowing you're able to serve and share your brilliance AND be making a world of difference while you're doing it.

Ready to get started?


Yes Mary! I'm Ready To Shine My Light and Make A Positive Difference.

I understand I'm going to get the Connecting with Colors® and Team SYNERGY and Team SYNERGY Facilitator Certification Self Paced Virtual Bootcamp, where I'll learn the CWC Signature Talk and Training, offers that sell and gain the confidence that comes with being ready to make a difference!

Plus, I'll get these bonuses:

  1. Connecting With Colors® UTrain™ Program with 12 hours of MP3 & Video Training and complete set of PowerPoint slides w/ outlined notes, plus Connecting With Colors®: SYNERGIZE Your Life™ Program with 24 hours of MP3 & Video Training (value $794)
  2. Immediate access to my Become a TurnAround Specialist Training (value $99)
  3. Immediate access to your Know What You Want & Get It: MasterMinding 101 Online Training (value $297)
  4. Immediate access to your Brand-New "Get Booked Checklist" (priceless)
  5. 1:1 Coaching - 3 one-hour sessions via FaceTime or Skype or phone for your CWC Signature Talk & Certification. (value $3000)


Rest easy - your order will be processed on secure servers.


If you would like to become CERTIFIED, then learn how Connecting with Colors will OPEN THE DOORS for you to do Team Building Trainings and also how to build your own 6-Figure Income with the Colors Personality Styles in Combination with your Team Synergy program.

Since you've already invested in Team Synergy UTrain Program
Your investment in this training is:

Price After UTrain -> $497

How do you put a value on having a way to create this kind of impact and income for months and years to come?

This could easily be one of the best investments you ever make in your business and your life yourself.

So the return on investment that continues to give you on and on and on is yours for life...

This is your moment...

I think it's a way for you to more fully Step Fully Into Your Greatness as a speaker, trainer, coach - as a Certified Facilitator who transforms the lives of others ...and so I hope you will say yes.

I hope you'll say yes, because I can't wait to personally train you and certify you as a Connecting with Colors® Facilitator!

Reaching out ...
Marys Signature

PS ... I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, if this is for you, YOU will know it. I have confidence in your God given talents and abilities, and I'm excited for you to dig into the training the second that you know what you know, that you know. Remembering, of course, that nothing can keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, get started now, and know that you have made a huge step toward doing your work in the world and making a life, making a living ...and making a difference!
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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and income examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee / purchaser and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, character, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital, and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Our policy on all of our electronic products is this: we give a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 3 days after your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my electronic products or my future events within one year. Please note that, because this digital product includes instant access to all videos, audio recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we're happy to offer you a full credit toward any electronic product or future event within one year.


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