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For Staff Development & Personal Enrichment

Connecting With Colors®
How Communication Styles Work Together ...or Not!

Are you ATTRACTING the best in people...
or are you PUSHING the best away?

RIGHT NOW, your understanding and perceptions about difficult people and situations are either pulling you closer to personal magnetism ... or closer to discord.

Live Presentation Video
Live Presentation Video

What have we learned these last few years about economic security?

That as long as you depend on institutions remaining solvent for your livelihood, you are putting yourself at-risk.

Author Brian Tracy explains this concept by saying, "You are the CEO of your own personal service organization." Think about it. You are IT! You are the only one who is deciding who you will provide your services to. It may seem like it's the other way around, but it's not.

And here's the most fascinating part of all ...

The people who never want for financial security and fulfillment are the people who have made it their "business" to become incredibly skilled at dealing with every imaginable personality type, from the extreme negative, disruptive person, to the passive aggressive, to the bully and offender.

People who have mastered the skills of effective and productive engagement are never without work! In fact, they are in demand.

So, whether it's harmony in the family or the work arena, it all counts and is accumulative!

Author Marianne Williamson once said ..."Your playing small does not serve the world."

You are only 90 minutes away from playing BIG by being a Peaceful Presence, with Grace, Harmony & Successful Relating to everyone within your circle of influence with my NEW Click&Play Connecting with Colors Video training.

My COLORs Personality Test quickly scores your ability to experience greater success in all areas of your life, then gives you some ideas to supercharge your influence to stimulate, win over and lead others with a winning personality.

Could you unknowingly be sabotaging your own success within your personal and professional relationships?

In today's world, budgets are tighter than ever. Managers, Administrators, Principals as well as Administrative Assistants are now tasked with a great amount of staff training... so we've made it easier for you!

Mary Reynolds' Live Presentation Video will help you deliver a clear,
concise learning experience and a powerful presentation to your staff.

UPrint PDF
Participant Workbook

10 PSPs
Personality Style
Online Profiles &
INDIVIDUAL REPORTS are included in UClick Program

What Color Are You Movie is included
in the Program

Understanding Your Color Movie

"You have given us the competitive edge we were looking for!"

"I am writing to express my appreciation for such a wonderful seminar that you put on for our employees. This comes belated, because I believe to truly assess the impact of any seminar is to see how long the employees retain and use the material. I can now say, honestly, that you did a fabulous job, as our employees are still using and enjoying the material you presented.

"In the automotive business, where understanding the customer becomes paramount in all of our departments, your seminar hit the mark. We knew we had to find a way to effectively communicate to our customers to remain profitable in such a competitive atmosphere as the retail automotive business is, and your Connecting with Colors Training did just that. In fact Mary, you have given us the competitive edge we were looking for. Thank you."

Daniel J. Morris
Dealer Operations Manager
Dave Hamilton Auto


"WOW! Your delivery of hard-hitting, focused, enlightening session
was exactly the message that we wanted presented..."

"... In addition to the enthusiastic response to your Connecting with Colors presentation that you gave to the Business Women's Organization, your 'MasterMinding For Success' session at Elkay's Operations Council demonstrated your ability to reach and excite a group of corporate leaders who came to the presentation with a variety of experiences, challenges and agendas. Your creative, positive approach to innovative thinking and goal-setting was a hit! Several key people made the comment that you 'commanded the room.' They were right."

"Thanks for helping us plant the seeds for future success."

Deanne B. Brezette
Purchasing Manager
Elkay Manufacturing

Wristbands Say:

Connection Turns Me Into We = Synergy Wristbands in Four Colors

This 90-Minute Learning Experience is for:

What Color Are You?
Take the Test

Trainers who work with groups of any size.

Staff developers who really want to make a difference in the lives of others professionally and personally.

Energize Morale and transform the culture of your work environment positively.

Anyone who currently spends or will in the future spend a lot time in front of groups.

The person who needs, wants and is ready for quick and significant improvement in their personal lives. This includes the wife, the husband, mother, father, the tween and the teen! Any person who has been struggling and not having successful, productive, easy and effective interactions.


This Easily Accessible Resource introduces an educational, fresh and delightfully fun method for analyzing your own personality and behavior-as well as those of people around you-and then utilizing that knowledge to improve workplace and personal relationships. Mary, an educational psychologist and leadership coach, offers you a remarkably astute system for grouping everyone into categories denoted by a color: red (power wielders), blue (do-gooders), green (gotta-have-a-system), and yellow (fun lovers). She then explains how to ensure that all possible alliances between them function at optimum effectiveness.

The attitudes and judgments you presently hold about those personalities that polarize your style can be seriously getting in your way, so you will also want to read Mary's companion eBook, Attitude Alignment: the Art of Getting What You Want NOW included in the Bonuses! It's packed with more information about the actual and immediate sabotaging affect that your current level of resistance is having on all of what you feel are your good attempts at making peace! All your well intended attempts will never bring a positive outcome if you are holding a silent, little nasty attitude behind all that you outwardly say and do!

Understanding the different Colors as they relate to your Color will start to uproot the stuff that triggers your hot buttons and begin to sooth you like a refreshing balm.

Here's what else you will learn: How to -

  • Understand behavior styles and how to maximize your strengths and minimizing the effects of your problematic areas.

  • Read the behavioral styles of other people ~ quickly and accurately.

  • Deliberately matching & mirroring another style will bring about a smoother, more credible and instantaneous connection for you, as you are learning how to speak the language of each of the other colors.

  • Have better relationships through understanding people's most cherished values and quirks!

  • Find out that people are letting you know how they want to be treated, when you know how to read the verbal, vocal and visual cues.

  • Turn The Golden Rule inside out: When you treat people the way you want to be treated, you may create relationship resistance; when you treat people the way they want to be treated, and in the way they understand, you build rapport.

  • Transform negative Vibes into Synergism Vibes.

You really should read this resource if you have been unhappy with yourself or your "lot" in life. Through the use of engaging examples, Mary will help you personally apply these concepts to your life. The result is a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle, with an increased capacity to effectively communicate, promote growth in yourself and others, and live a meaningful life.

The Connecting with Colors UClick&Play Video Program includes a token good for taking 10 of the Personality Style Profile tests in any of the 7 Life Areas, and anyone can use it. Good for small work groups, social clubs and gatherings, or for family members!

Get the UClick&Play Program now!


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But don't take my word for it...

Here's what other's have said about my live Connecting with Colors™ trainings:

"Mary, I thought you would like to know that your seminar has made a difference in me. It has helped gel mega amounts of information that I have been feeding to myself for the last year or so. I feel as if I have a handle on knowing what I want and how to attain it."
-Theresa D. Us, Network of Executive Women

"Our WHOLE group was extremely delighted with our speaker, Mary Robinson Reynolds. She is a very informed, personable and inspiring speaker. The material was presented with clarity, yet uplifting to all... Our group was 100% service delighted."
-Donna Howard, Sprint

"Mary is very proficient. I am nearing retirement age and thought I might not find a lot in the seminar I could use. I was wrong! I realize now I have the rest of my life to use the image and communication skills she displayed today."
Betty M. Nichols, Judicial Assistant
Idaho Supreme Court

"Not only is Mary entertaining, she includes a variety of sources, quotes and information supporting today's topic. I came to today's class with a somewhat negative attitude about a very large, challenging and potentially career-destroying project on my mind. I leave with a new attitude: this is a Thrilling Opportunity!!!"
Molly Lopez
Federal Woman's Program Manager

"WOW! What a wonderful, powerful way to learn to communicate ... AND have a great time too! Fun-packed seminar full of fantastic ideas you can put to work for you anywhere, any time AND with anyone! Very entertaining presenter!"
Rita Singleton, Admin Assist.

"Mary Robinson Reynolds is such an inspiration to me. As a seminar leader she's GREAT! She reminded me of a great speaker by the name of Barbara DeAngelos."
Aida Fields, Admin. Assist.

"Mary is very dynamic and expressive. Very powerful, riveting seminar. Witty, charming, and very, very informative."
Kathy Berreth, Admin. Support

"I feel very empowered with the tools and techniques Mary presented. Mary is an excellent speaker who was able to incorporate theory with real life situations. I highly recommend any program Mary presents."
Rebecca Nance, Sales Representative

"Mary made me laugh and was very helpful all at once. I wish I could listen to her talk once a week."
Kristy Shahan, Partner/Manager

"Mary has made self analysis challenging and yet painless."
Char Foster, Manager
West One Bank

"I feel the topics discussed were in depth, real life situations that can be applied to further my career and life goals. The concepts were right on target."
Leficia Fernandez, Claims Sup.

"Mary is very dynamic and expressive. This was a very powerful, riveting seminar. She is extremely witty, charming and very, very informative."
Carol Schafer,
Continental Pacific Bank

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