Get Connecting With Colors Special Value PACKAGE SAVINGS - Including Wristbands, Personality Style Profiles, Reports and Companion Book.
Connecting With Colors Program to SYNERGIZE Every relationship in Your LIFE - 7-Session Self-Paced Online and Downloadable Study Course.
The 5-Session Virtual Bootcamp for Facilitators wanting to fully understand the Connecting With Colors Personality Styles and how to use them to create a 6-Figure Income.
This is a complete package for the In-House trainer who needs a captivating program to build Team Synergy in their organization.
This is the simple video presentation for private study or for display to a small work group - no speaking required! homepage - for all things "Connecting With Colors"
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Connection Turns 'Me' into 'We'Get Wristbands in the Four Colors

CELEBRATE each other's Color Style GREATNESS and as the wristband states:

CONNECTING Turns 'Me' into 'We' = SYNERGY

Synergize EVERY relationship in your lives by having fun knowing what everybody's color is!

Have the whole staff, family or group take the Personality Style Profile assessment and then buy wristbands in the colors you need to give everyone a band for their primary and secondary (color combo) style.

You will be amazed by the new conversation that will ensue when you look at each other with this new perspective.

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